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“Worry about your character, not your reputation. Your character is who you are, and your reputation is who people think you are.”

John Wooden

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Romero and I am thrilled to be teaching third grade at Mary Immaculate School. I feel so blessed to be a part of such an inclusive and active community. I have learned through my own experiences and relationships at MI, that this is a wonderful place to teach and learn.

It is extremely gratifying to be a teacher at MI and do what I love on a daily basis. I strive to create a caring, safe, and engaging learning environment to encourage students to believe in themselves and do their personal best. Having grown up in the San Fernando Valley, I feel that my personal connection with the surrounding community encourages me to be a better teacher for my students.

I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business. I began teaching in 2005 and have been at Mary Immaculate since 2016.
I enjoy teaching because of the chance to impact young lives by building sincere relationships with students and their families.

I feel so thankful to be able to practice my faith in a meaningful way on a daily basis and I especially value the sense of community that comes from teaching at a Catholic school. Together with the students and their families, we collaborate to develop a strong rapport of trust and understanding.

As this school year begins, I am motivated to enhance the educational lives of my students. I strive to help them grow as kind people and lead them to academic excellence. My primary objective is to inspire a love of learning and provide students with a community where personal and spiritual growth is fostered and encouraged.

I am hopeful that our community of students, parents, and faculty will continue to evolve in love, dignity, and respect for one another. I look forward to working with this community towards making a fundamental difference! I truly believe that what a child receives inside the classroom projects outward towards us all. Therefore, it is our duty as educators, role models, and leaders to develop our youth and make them strong, positive contributors to society, always keeping in mind faith, excellence, and stewardship.

What we do in 3rd grade:

Religion: Strengthening of our faith relationship with God through daily prayer, weekly school Mass and the learning of:
• Jesus’ life and how to follow in His footsteps
• The Seasons of the Church: including special celebrations of the Church—-Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter
• The lives of saints
• Jesus’ teachings with parables
• Various prayers- The Nicene Creed, Parts of the Mass responses, The Hail, Holy Queen, The Rosary
• Activities that strengthen our faith—The Jesse Tree, Stations of the Cross

• Mastery of addition and subtraction with greater numbers
• Multiplication
• Division
• Geometric figures
• Fractions
• Measurement: time and metric units

Language Arts
• Mastery of fluency skills
• Reading comprehension with a variety of reading genres
• Grammar: parts of speech, listening and speaking skills
• Spelling
• Vocabulary: academic vocabulary and vocabulary in context with science, social studies and literary texts
• Writing Skills: narratives, persuasive essays, explanatory essays, biographies, research-based reports

• Animal Habitats
• Matter
• Energy
• Our Solar System
• Healthy habits and eating

Social Studies
• The importance of how our world was shaped and how it has also changed over time
• Citizenship
• The importance of recycling and conservation of our natural resources
• Cultural research projects—family traditions and world cultures