Elizabeth Romero

Eighth Grade Teacher

I was born and raised in the San Fernando Valley to immigrant parents seeking to make a better life for their family. My earliest impressions of my parents was how hard-working they were. I learned early in life that any dream was achievable, however, you must be willing to work hard for it. It was this mindset that served as a platform to build my professional career. Upon graduating high school, I was immediately thrust into the working world and gravitated towards jobs that required interaction with people.

After a professional career of 9 years, raising two beautiful children and earning my Bachelor Degree from the University of Phoenix in 2000, I felt adequately qualified to pursue my true calling of teaching young people. In 2007 I was hired as a middle school teacher in a private Catholic school. I was immediately immersed into an environment that was different from what I had been accustomed to in my professional career, however, the experience was extremely rewarding and uplifting. I finally felt as though I found my calling.  

The opportunity to be a positive role model for today’s youth is an endeavor I take very seriously and pursue with great pride. – It is a tremendous honor and blessing.  I have had the privilege of teaching 3rd grade through 8th-grade students in various subjects and I take great pride in developing our young people academically but more importantly contributing to the formation of their character and spirituality.  I enjoy being fully integrated into the Mary Immaculate community and look forward to building a strong relationship with all families.