10390 Remick Ave., Pacoima, CA 91331
(818) 896-7996

License #: 192003094
Director: Mrs. Rosemary Rodriguez

Program Overview

Mary Immaculate Pre-School program is licensed by the state of California Department of Social Services. Our program serves 2 ½ through 5-year-olds preparing for kindergarten. We are a developmental as well as an academic program, planning activities to compliment your child’s natural curiosity and meet the demands of their pre-reading stage. It is our philosophy that children learn through active participation with their environment and it is the responsibility of the teacher to offer many opportunities for a wide variety of play experience to promote growth in all areas. It is our hope that a successful year in Pre-School will help develop a positive self-image and attitude toward school. We believe the basic concept of a Catholic Christian environment is to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to the growth of the spiritual, cultural, social, academic, emotional, & physical development of the child according to the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ. Following the footsteps of our Intercessor, the Virgin Mother, we advocate the protection of all life and the recognition of each person’s gifts as an affirmation of God’s creation. We introduce them to the basic beliefs through prayers, songs, stories, creative art and attendance at the weekly school liturgy.

If the school is deemed not appropriate for a child or the behavior of a child or parent/guardian is inappropriate, the school reserves the right to dis-enroll the said child.


Our program is open to children between the ages of 2 ½ through 5 years old. A child who is 2 ½ must be of that age by September 1st. Please note that a student will need to repeat Pre-School in order to be of required age for Kindergarten (age 5 by September 1st). All students must be potty trained. All children must have current immunizations, in accordance with the California Department of Health Services.

Program Design

Our program is designed to meet each child’s needs, to foster the development of competence in intellectual and social skills and to provide a safe and nurturing Catholic-Christian environment. The Pre-School curriculum is developed with individual and group goals. These ongoing assessments help us to plan appropriate activities.

School Sessions

Morning Arrival: 7:30 AM-8:15 AM (After 8:15 AM, child will be marked late)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday: Class begins at 8:15 AM and concludes at 2:45 PM
Friday: Class begins at 8:15 AM and concludes at 12:45 PM


Tuition and registration for PS students are separate from tuition and registration for K-8th-grade students. Additionally, the PS rates of tuition include a beverage and a snack for PS students plus the tuition and registration paid for PS students are tax deductible. Please keep in mind that the PS tax deductible tuition and registration are for those parents who have children in PS only.