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November 2017

Dear Mary Immaculate School Parents,

We begin the holiday season with a very special month, November. It is during this month that we reflect and think about all the things we are thankful for and the blessings God has bestowed upon each of us. We also get to say thank you to those people who with their love and kindness make our days brighter.

I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for all your help and support the last three months! Thank you for making my days at Mary Immaculate School very special!

May God bless you,

Veronica Macias, M. Ed

Upcoming Events

  • November 19
    • Family Mass @ 10 am
  • November 22
    • Thanksgiving feast @ 10:30 am
  • November 23-24
    • No School: Thanksgiving Break

Important Announcements

  • STAR test window II Nov. 1-14
  • First Trimester ends Nov. 29th
  • Second Trimester begins Nov. 30th


It is with great enthusiasm that I inform you that our donation of smartboards is already here! We received 15 Smartboards and16 LCD projectors and mounts. Now, the next step is the installation process. If anyone is interested in helping us set up and install the Smartboards, please contact the school office. Our goal is to have them installed and ready to go before Christmas break.

More Important News


The STAR test is conducted four times a year and allows teachers to access student scores and data within minutes. The information received from these assessments helps teachers’ group students according to their skills. This allows them to provide their students with more individualized lessons that target the skills children need to work on.

Teachers will share this information at Parent-Teacher conferences next month.

Crazy 8s Math Program

Crazy 8s is an after-school club for grades K-5 designed to get students excited about math. Every week our math coaches, Ms. Serrano and Mrs. Spoden, will introduce mathematical concepts in a fun and educational way. Our goal is for students to feel more comfortable with math. We want students to love numbers so they can feel more comfortable handling the math in class and in real life.

We will begin our math program on Monday, Nov. 20th and will end on Feb. 5th from 3:20-4:00 pm. Registration forms have been sent home. Our second session will begin on Monday, Feb. 26th.

Crazy 8s is sponsored by the Bedtime Math Program. Please check their website for more information or download the free app for extra math practice.


App: Bedtime Math



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