Service Hours

Service hours for this school year are as follows: 20 hours ($200) / 25 hours ($250) CEF family recipients per two trimesters, 40 hours ($400) / 50 hours ($500) CEF family recipients per school year.

Service hours must be complete by:

  • First Trimester – January 8, 2018
  • Third Trimester – May 18, 2018

NOTE: One office bill will be sent in January for the 1st trimester at the time of Re-Registratin with a due date and Second office bill will be sent in May for the last trimester with a due date.

Service Hours in the 2017-2018 school year can only be completed in the following (4) four ways:

  • Planning and working fundraisers
  • Yard Supervision
  • Transport of Students to Sport Activities
  • Donations (All items purchased for Bake Sales and Fundraisers require a receipt in order to receive credit.)
    NOTE: Charity donations are for your own tax deductions and will not count towards school volunteer service hours.
  • 20 / 25 CEF family recipients’ hours for school events and 20 / 25 CEF family recipients’ hours for parish ministry and fiesta.

There is an option to pay for your service hours instead of participating. If this is your preference then following fee then applies:

  • Non-participation in Service Hours (40 hours/50 hours CEF recipients):
    • $400 /$500 CEF recipients per family; $200 / $250 CEF recipients (per two trimesters [by Jan & by May]) will be submitted to the SMART Tuition Co.
      NOTE: Extra service hours are not transferable between trimesters or between school parents.

NOTE: This fee is optional and payable only after deciding not to participate. Mary Immaculate highly encourages parental participation.