Over the past several years, Mary Immaculate School has developed comprehensive technology advancements under the leadership of the school principal. Classroom technology is available to support student learning through access to computers/laptops, printers, projectors, televisions, Chromebooks and iPads. Students are actively engaged through the use of this technology. Teachers carry out the technology curriculum provided by the archdiocese and national standards.

In addition to the technology in the classrooms, MIS also provides the students with computer lab classes once a week. In order to move toward a more technologically advance and paperless curriculum, our fifth through eighth graders are individually assigned a Chromebook that they use throughout the day. The students have a school email account to access the Internet and work given by their teachers. Similarly, Kindergarten through third grade rotate a portable cart of 30 iPads on a daily basis. Recently, Title I has also begun using iPads to enhance their lessons for English Language Arts with their small groups.

Teachers use technology in a variety of ways each and every day. For instance BrainPop and BrainPop, Jr. are used in most classes. Our 8th graders use to work on their typing and writing skills. Many classes have begun using SpellingCity as a creative and effective way to enhance spelling and vocabulary. The upper grades use Google apps like Google Drive to create, edit, share, and store work and presentations. Another successful program is the use of Khan Academy to practice and learn math concepts and skills through video tutorials, lectures, practice and assessments. Formal assessments and technology-based projects are assigned as part of the curriculum.